The UNU CRYPTO Foundation team operates in more than 20 cities in 10 countries, but has common goals and vision.


International Social Challenges


Diane-Sophie Ducret



Our goal is to provide the community with highly effective tools for digital public goods, based on the analysis of the best solutions and their further application to achieve sustainable development goals on a global scale.

Currently, the problem of choosing the optimal balanced portfolio (the cryptocurrency market is estimated at more than $ 2 trillion) becomes especially relevant in the context of the expansion of investment activity in the banking sector and market restrictions within the framework of government policies.
Crypto-assets are a promising innovation in the evolution of the modern financial system. In this study, we will answer many open questions related to the functioning of crypto-assets and the community’s needs for fair money.

Human Development


Brian Campbell



UNU coin – that TRUST!

The UNU Coin is a digital, artificial social convention designed primarily to promote the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, for use by humanitarian missions, governments and citizens anywhere in the world, legally and safely, for savings and investment, and as a means of payment in everyday life.

Development UNU CRYPTO


Hélène De Wit


Directeur du développement UNU CRYPTO

Modélisation mathématique en économie et finance

In our work on mathematical modeling of the behavior of Tokens and Ecosystems, we accepted the condition that all issued assets will be the subject of scientific research in accordance with the established criteria from the moment of release, and the results will be used for new Optimal modeling. in the future, taking into account the indicators obtained and the practical implementation of the studied assets. When creating a new cryptocurrency to determine the value of 10 different assets (7 tokens and 3 stablecoins), we calculated several mathematical models “Simultaneous launch” and “Phased launch” with additional restrictions. 

To assess cryptoassets and the relationship between the money supply and the price level in the framework of monetary policy, we used the theoretical concept of the equation of exchange. When predicting coin rate fluctuations, we used autoregressive moving average models (ARMA, ARIMA). We have found that this approach is especially relevant in the context of uneven rate fluctuations over time. Based on the autoregressive model and the integrated moving average, reliable short-term forecasts of the volatility cryptocurrency are formed. In the long term, we have modeled the behavior of the UNUCRYPTO token based on the ratio of the asset’s market supply to its annual growth and proposals for the valuation / conversion of the asset in accordance with various standards. We have deliberately excluded “network effect” and “Metcalfe’s network utility” in some of the proposals.
We were happy to work with UNU Tokens, despite the fact that the fundamental concepts and prototypes of mathematical models on the basis of which formalized methods for evaluating cryptoassets can be created are just beginning to emerge. The data obtained as a result of mathematical modeling of the behavior of UNU Tokens formed three predictions, the results of which significantly exceeded my pessimistic expectations as a mathematician and helped to correct only a small part of the conceptual plans, while adding confidence in the correctness of the chosen direction.

Digital communications strategy and marketing research


Alison Levitt


Marketing Director UNU CRYPTO

Cryptocurrency marketing UNU CRYPTO implies professional promotion, including the creation of a website, a financial model of the project, the development of a company’s strategy and all types of research necessary to achieve maximum effect. We also take into account that the rules of the game in the world of cryptocurrencies are changing very quickly.  What was a simple and affordable marketing tool yesterday may be banned tomorrow.

 Therefore, we focus on the ability to instantly adapt to changing market conditions at long and short distances, working within the legal framework. As part of the FORECAST strategy, we have selected over 500 technical indicators to develop a marketing strategy and further research the behavior of UNU crypto tokens in various ecosystems.

We are looking forward to the start of the project and feedback to determine the universal optimal signals and points in the context of marketing analysis. This is a great project that will allow us to conduct scientific research and develop a universal marketing strategy based on our practical experience of the behavior of tokens and ecosystems.
Follow our marketing proposals in the community forums. 

Good luck!



John J. Larson

San Jose


UNU CRYPTO is a unique project in terms of programming and in the context of blockchain engineering. 

 We are in the alpha stage of testing the original solution for a replicated distributed database and the results are encouraging and satisfy my engineering vanity)). I am glad to be in a MULTINATIONAL and multicultural team of like-minded and versatile creative people. We will give the world something new and long-awaited, but still secret today. 

Good luck everyone and welcome to UNU CRYPTO!

Global Strategy


Vlad Rub



We invite all interested persons and companies of the cryptoindustry, humanitarian NGOs to cooperate. Welcome to UNU CRYPTO!

Our global strategy is easy to understand and implement.
We have formed an integrated model of our actions to launch UNU CRYPTO and further adapt to the opportunities of the global cryptoindustry market with high-quality interaction. Before the full launch of the Global Strategy, we developed 7 levels of company development in 5 years. 

We have made our choice and are glad to welcome you to the young, fast and wonderful world of UNU-CRYPTO. We will translate our achievements into the sustainable development goals of the planet Earth community.




Franciszek Kowal


Cybersecurity Director


The mission of UNU CRYPTO Cybersecurity is to properly build, organize and maintain cryptocurrency cybersecurity. In doing so, we focus on three important areas of UNU CRYPTO cybersecurity that we recommend to our community:
– audits
– cold storage of funds
– insurance

We are also doing research to answer the following questions.
– How to store, protect and securely use cryptoassets?
– How to minimize threats to the security of user data?
In the course of recent events, we note a change in malware, unfortunately, towards expanding the range of threats. Our vision of cybersecurity in the cryptoindustry is not aimed at fighting viruses, but at preventing threats of general damage and identity theft of cryptocurrency holders, especially in the cloud infrastructure, as well as the vulnerability of transactions outside the main blockchain.Studying the behavior of UNU CRYPTO tokens in various ecosystems will be an indispensable contribution to the development of cybersecurity for the entire cryptoindustry. We are delighted to be part of this global event and …

 Welcome to UNU CRYPTO!