All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights

Who We Are

We are 20 people and we speak 12 languages

We declare that there is no discrimination or bias in our DNA.


We strive to contribute to positive change in our society through innovative technologies.

We belong to different walks of life from different parts of the world.

We work for all people, regardless of race, gender, language or religion, and we encourage gender balance in all of our projects.

Our startup is headed by a wonderful woman, and the proportion of women in the project leadership is 43%.

We are so different

– From UN University students from Maastricht to PhDs in Innovation and Management for Development from Dubai,
– from cybersecurity experts from Warsaw to programmers from San Jose,
– from managers from Houston to diplomats from Kiev,
– from mathematicians from Switzerland to crypto traders from the Netherlands and India

We are so similar

– everyone has experience
– or in the scientific field when studying the advanced technologies of our time
– or in a normal business environment
– or in humanitarian missions in zones of armed conflict as part of peacekeeping organizations.
– we are 100% defenders of rights and freedoms and 102% an innovative team.
– Peace, protection of humanity and science are in our DNA.

What do we want?

We want to understand the future of digital finance.

We want to be prepared for this future by promoting a culture of savings and financial education.

We want to be able to receive and give more knowledge DeFi for self-education.

What for?

So that everyone can manage their destiny, plan their financial goals, save and invest money, and even make donations in a simple and transparent way, taking a smartphone out of their pocket, eliminating the need for a third party as an intermediary and possibly in the near future without the need to connect to Internet and bank account.
We want this to be possible at any time, day or night, any day of the week on Monday or Saturday. Without getting out of a chair, without leaving the car, and without face control, without combing your hair or tying a tie …

What are we looking for?

We are looking for a future in an environment of decentralized finance and fair money with

– accessible,
– safe,
– transparent,
– quickly,
– transactions without commission

We want to be able to receive and give more knowledge for self-education.

Without Internet?

We are studying the workflow of generic software that allows users to access cryptoassets through unstructured services.
This will make billions of people equal in the use of financial instruments and their opportunities anywhere in the world.

A diverse and inclusive approach helps us to see issues in a broader perspective and deeper so that we can better address the social challenges associated with the SDGs.


The UNU CRYPTO Foundation unites people, open-source technology, and its partner network into a community that develops collaborative solutions for societies and the environment.

The UNU CRYPTO Foundation is set up as a non-profit to benefit users and wider society. As a public good our technology will always remain free to use.

The community will foster more effective user engagement as the UNU Global Strategy moves forward.

This connection helps build trust, a quality that is absolutely essential to lowering the barriers to our digital product adoption.

In this project, we attach particular importance to

– the activity of the created communities and other / initiatives that will grow around the use of the project
– increasing the number of users and strengthening the reputation
– we are waiting for help from the community in creating software
– waiting for community help in developing the user interface
– we are waiting for user feedback on the performance of the software and the correctness of social decisions


Holdings of UNU tokens from community donations.

Research and development grants from public bodies.

Contributions from individuals or organisations.


The UNU Crypto Fund as a Humanitarian Infrastructure, pioneered by UNU students and alumni.

 The UNU Crypto Fund is a research center for the study and creation of effective solutions in high-tech industries to solve the most pressing problems of the community in such as data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain

The intermediate beneficiaries of our project are the co-founders and shareholders, as well as, on preferential terms, representatives of peacekeeping, humanitarian organizations and people who have dedicated their lives to serving the humane values and goals of sustainable development of the United Nations.

Ultimately, the beneficiary is any owner / holder of the UNU token.

What are we doing?

UNU Crypto is an ambitious mission, and its solution presents a major technological challenge.

Currently, according to a balanced development timeline, the Foundation has embarked on a multi-layered project to create scalable digital public goods in the crypto industry and open source funding.


The condition of the project is the creation, implementation and tracking / study of the behavior of 10 types of coins in various ecosystems with a different set of functions.
In practice, this will determine the behavior of the ecosystem and the behavior of the token by studying legal, informational, technological, economic, network, social, technical factors of influence.

The project aims to create a common infrastructure for an ecosystem of decentralized platforms with software and economic solutions using blockchain and artificial intelligence for transparent and efficient asset management, for creating and trading tokens, lending, and facilitating and secure access to financial services.


At the final stage of the project

At the final stage of the project, we will be able to provide humanitarian companies with financial and technological support using new technologies to improve the world and achieve the SDGs.

The fund plans to invest in humanitarian startups via cryptocurrency in kind in all countries within the legal framework of these countries.