OUR team

Who are we?

We speak 12 languages

We declare that there is no discrimination or bias in our DNA.

We belong to different walks of life from different parts of the world.

We work for all people, regardless of race, gender, language or religion, and we encourage gender balance in all of our projects.

Our startup is headed by a wonderful woman, and the proportion of women in the project leadership is 43%.

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We are so different

– From UN University students from Maastricht to PhDs in Innovation and Management for Development from Dubai,
– from cybersecurity experts from Warsaw to programmers from San Jose,
– from managers from Houston to diplomats from Sankt-Peterburg,
– from mathematicians from Switzerland to crypto traders from the Netherlands and India

We are so similar

– everyone has experience
– or in the scientific field when studying the advanced technologies of our time
– or in a normal business environment
– or in humanitarian missions in zones of armed conflict as part of peacekeeping organizations.
– we are 100% defenders of rights and freedoms and 102% an innovative team.
– Peace, protection of humanity and science are in our DNA.

We strive to contribute to positive change in our society through innovative technologies.

What do we want?

We want to understand the future of digital finance.

We want to be prepared for this future by promoting a culture of savings and financial education.

We want to be able to receive and give more knowledge DeFi for self-education.

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What for?

So that everyone can manage their destiny, plan their financial goals, save and invest money, and even make donations in a simple and transparent way, taking a smartphone out of their pocket, eliminating the need for a third party as an intermediary and possibly in the near future without the need to connect to Internet and bank account.
We want this to be possible at any time, day or night, any day of the week on Monday or Saturday. Without getting out of a chair, without leaving the car, and without face control, without combing your hair or tying a tie …

Work with us

Attracting talent

We want to additionally attract the best talent in the industry and the community-oriented nature of the project ensures that the project’s business model is cost-effective and optimized in terms of resources, time and energy.

We bring global digital public goods to a collaborative ecosystem where developers from all over the world can interact, collaborate, and create their own projects in an organized manner that wants to be connected to this financial ecosystem that will emerge around our solution.


List of our vacancies


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